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For the environment

Quality first

As a certified waste management company, our quality policies and quality management procedures comply with DIN EN ISO 9001 and aim to provide our customers with products that meet their requirements.

We work closely with the staff at our collection points to ensure that the scrap is correctly sorted directly on site. Early preventative measures at this stage safeguard our standards of quality and create the initial basis for ensuring constant quality control processes and a product quality that meets all requirements.

All incoming and outgoing materials are checked for radioactivity. Materials are stored in defined spaces or in storage containers and strictly according to type. There is ample storage space available in lock-ups for materials that have to be kept dry.

Spectral analysis systems and hand analysis instruments provide reliable analyses. Trained staff ensure that systems technology remains state of the art. To complete the picture, our depot and collection point staff all receive on-the-job training in the best methods of separating materials.

Our entire business operates on the premise of protecting the environment. Ongoing investment underscores this requirement. Our locations are constantly upgraded to keep them on the cutting edge and are certified accordingly.